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26 Shirts Internship

You and Who Inc. - "26 Shirts", offers year-round design, marketing, and fulfillment Internships.

Contact Information

Owner: Delmar Reid
2495 Main Street, #516
Buffalo, NY 14214
E-mail: _del@26shirts.com
Social Media: @26shirts

Internship Objective

Develop an understanding of:

  • Design process
  • Marketing strategy
  • Fulfillment responsibilities

Example Duties

  • Recruiting graphic artists through online portfolio sites such as Dribbble, Behance, Deviant Art to design t-shirts
  • Researching and consulting with us on garment manufacturers, sizing, and fabric types (we're always looking to improve hin this area)
  • Submitting personal design concepts and artwork for consideration to be used as future products
  • "Selfie" curation from social media for our Instagram (find pics of customers in our products so we can repost, with permission)
  • Identifying influencers in Chicago and Pittsburgh markets and work with them to assist in promoting our products
  • Conceiving clever ways to frame product for IG / Facebook / Twitter posts
  • Confirming inventory after printer delivery
  • Unpacking and sort printed shirts 
  • Packing and shipping customer orders